Introducing...Running Threads Locker Room!

Introducing… Running Threads Locker Room! You asked and we listened - opening an online store is now easier than ever! Are you working on a fundraiser? Are you looking for an online store for employees to purchase apparel? Is your basketball team ready to offer merch? You need Locker Room! 

What are you selling? 

From hats to hoodies we can help you sell it all! Let’s decide on the perfect apparel for you and then we can begin working on a design. Already have a design? Awesome, we’ll work on mockups. Don’t have a design? No worries - we have an entire team of graphic artists ready to bring your ideas to life. 

Is this going to be a fundraiser?

Let us know your fundraising goals and we’ll help you achieve them! You’ll be able to track funds raised in real time. Once your store closes you’ll receive a check - it really is that easy! 

Where will you find your merch?

Our online sales team will build a website unique to you - it will look awesome! With your site you will get a custom flyer with a QR code - this is great to email out or post around the office. 

How will your customers get their apparel?

We will individually bag and sort each order and then we have three distribution options:

  1. In store pick up - customers can choose to pick up their order at Running Threads. 
  2. Shipping - we will mail it straight to the customer.
  3. Group pickup - each order will be sorted, labeled, and bagged individually for you, this makes passing out a breeze! 

We work for you and our goal is to make your life easier! We know Locker Room merch can help do that. Let’s chat about it asap! Book a call for more information or to get started!