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Southern Eye Associates
Custom Apparel and Merchandise

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A Premiere Vision Center in the Heart of Arkansas

Deliver top-notch eye care with flair. Explore our selection of high-quality personalized apparel and merchandise designed specifically for the professionals at Southern Eye Associates.

Our Featured Products

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Gildan ® - Heavy Blend™ Crewneck Sweatshirt. $26.00

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Gildan Softstyle ® T-Shirt. $15.50

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Adult Classic Solid Pullover $54.50

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.Adult Pack-N-Go Pullover $45.50

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JERZEES ® - NuBlend ® 1/4-Zip Cadet Collar Sweatshirt. $30.25

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Port Authority ® Accord Microfleece Jacket $36.00

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Port Authority ® Ladies Accord Microfleece Jacket $36.00

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